Playa del Rey to Palm Springs, CA

Stop #13
Miles driven this leg: 131
Total miles driven: 4193
States visited: 9

It was sad saying goodbye to the ocean this morning. Dan insisted that I take a solo walk on the beach before departing because he is aware of my love affair with the waves. I collected a few shells for the boys, dipped my toes in the water and took a mental snapshot of the smells, sounds and lovely view. There is something so majestic and incredible about the ocean!

On our way out of town, we stopped by Dan's sister's work to say goodbye one last time. One of our favorite parts of this adventure has been seeing family and friends along the way. The time we spent with Debby was short, but so cherished! I was teasing Dan today because he looks like a rock star who just hopped off his motorcycle in this pic! :)

I lived in Palm Springs for a few years as a kid so I'm familiar with its heat, but WOW! It is always so alarming no matter how familiar one might be. It is stinkin' HOT. Buddy stepped out of the HQ when we arrived and did a little dance because his paws instantly began sizzling on the pavement. We decided to park our RV at an RV park since my mom doesn't have a great place for us to park at her condo. When we pulled into the RV park, the lady checking me in kept sporadically talking in German because apparently almost all of the people who stay here are from Germany. I kept having to remind her that we were from Minnesota and only speak English. :)

The boys thought it was hilarious to hitch-hike for Grandma Carol in the scorching heat.

My mom's pool was slightly cooler than the outside temp, so it felt good. The boys spent a bit of time in it tonight and had fun splashing around.

Dan and I entered my mom's place with a few large bags of LAUNDRY. We accumulated tons of sand-laden laundry while we were at the beach, so we are super grateful that my mom's capable (and free!) washing machine is available to us at this point.

There are so many things I love about Palm Springs. The childhood memories, the huge mountains, the palm trees, the pools, the easy sun tans and most of all my mom. It's one of my "homes" and for that reason I always love coming back here. It's uncomfortably hot, yes, but I love that we're here. I love seeing my pretty mom and spending time with her. Tomorrow will be a fun but relaxing day. I know this because that's always how it is when I'm here and I love it!

See you back here tomorrow!