Kennebec, SD to Deadwood, SD

Stop #2
Miles driven this leg: 277
Total miles driven: 669
States visited: 2

Wow, what a second day we've had! Sammy was asking tonight if things we'd done today had happened days ago. It has been a long one. We began with routine, which we hope to implement every morning: chores, eating breakfast together as a family and reading a few verses from the Bible!

I spent some time in the back bedroom with the boys, snuggling and of course surveying the South Dakota landscape as Dan drove. The further west we went, the more interesting it became.

Our first stop was Wall Drug. When Sammy saw the sign for it, he asked, "Is this where they put drugs on the walls?!"

Dan's mom had given the boys $20 each to spend on the trip, so both boys bought a few souvenirs and then we met THIS woman. :) I am still laughing about Elijah's immediate response upon seeing her. He said, "WHAT the..?!? No-no-no-no-no." Yes, Elijah! Great reaction.

We had a mid-morning snack at the cute little Wall Drug cafe. It has character!

We've been trying to get Bud exercise whenever possible, but every once in a while I catch him looking longingly out the window like this.

Our next stop was spontaneous. Dan and I ached to go out of our way a bit and drive into the Badlands. We took an hour-long detour and peeked at the outskirts. It was BEAUTIFUL! We both were so happy we decided to check it out.

I snapped a GREAT pic of all of my boys!

The photo of my boys and me was a bit of a disaster. :)

The drive from the Badlands to Mt. Rushmore was a mess. Probably because of the Fourth of July weekend, there were a ton of people trying to get into the park. Traffic was AWFUL. About 30 minutes into standing almost completely still while trying to drive a large RV up a steep mountain, Elijah had a breakdown. We handled it in stride until about an hour in. That's when we all got crabby, including the dog. Buddy retreated to the shower to get away from the madness.

Then Bud had to pee. We were literally at a stand-still in traffic on the mountain, so I had no choice but to bring him out and run along the grid-locked road for a bit. We are a traveling circus!

We were all still on edge when we arrived at Rushmore, but settled down and we were able to take in the enormity of the monument. WOW. Amazing!

Yay, smiles! :)

The drive from Rushmore to Deadwood was curvy and hilly (and mildly stressful for Driver Dan), but also SO BEAUTIFUL. It was one of the most beautiful mountain drives Dan and I have ever seen. We kept saying "WOW!" over and over and over and over. Sammy hardly ever takes naps, but he fell asleep in my arms during that drive, which was so precious. We were snuggled up against the couch, a perfectly cool breeze blowing through our windows and the most beautiful scenery passing us by. It was a chunk of time that I will always remember.

Our campsite in Deadwood is amazing! They pack the RVs in like sardines here, but we all have an amazing view of beautiful tree-filled hills.

Tonight we grilled this delicious dinner, played Uno and sifted through the hill of wild daisies that sits right behind our RV. The boys are sleeping soundly in their bunks and we are all looking forward to a day NOT on the road tomorrow! Thanks for peeking in!