Day in Playa del Rey, CA

I don't know if it was traveling aftermath or what, but we were OFF this morning. We had some behavior issues, thankfully all at separate times. We were SO happy not to have to travel today, so we took our time getting ready. Dan and I took turns taking boys to the beach depending on who was being kind and who wasn't. Around late morning, we set off for the Santa Monica pier!

I took the following two photos of the boys as we waited for our delicious greasy burgers on the pier.

We just HAD to take a ride on the famous solar-powered ferris wheel. The family time and amazing views were lovely!

You can tell how hot it was out by how much the boys' ice cream cones are dripping. Elijah's bright blue Cookie Monster ice cream dripped EVERYWHERE. Seriously. When we got back to our RV, I found drops of blue stickiness all over my feet and legs.

We walked along the pier to take in the experience. It was packed and a little bit stressful, but when we walked along the outskirts of the pier we grasped a bit of peace. Thank you, beautiful ocean!

We were all super excited to get back to the HQ and Buddy. We took some semi-naps and had a bit of quiet time and then we headed to the beach!

Things started out pretty tame and then evolved into a total sand-eating and sand-throwing craze. The following photos will speak for themselves. At the end of the day, our boys had more sand in and on their bodies than we've ever seen in our lives. They had a blast and that's all that matters. Tomorrow we'll attempt to clean the sand out of the RV...and we'll head to Palm Springs to visit my mom! Thanks for checking in on our crazy adventure. Enjoy the rest of the pics!