Paso Robles, CA to Playa del Rey, CA

Stop #12
Miles driven this leg: 231
Total miles driven: 4062
States visited: 9

Especially while we've been on this epic adventure, I wake up each morning wondering what in the world each day will have in store. Yesterday morning I had no idea that our refrigerator door would break off again and that Dan and I would have to replace the green duct tape and pray that it holds together for the rest of the trip. This morning I had no idea that Elijah would be so awed by the ocean that he would walk straight into it without alarm. Each day is an adventure and that is not confined to epic travel-around-the-US trips. That applies to every day, even if it's the most typical day in the world.

We took our time leaving Paso Robles this morning. It was lovely! We took our time with breakfast and morning chores. Compared to yesterday, the drive was a BREEZE! It was California, so it was totally beautiful around every single corner. We got some more PCH time and even experienced L.A. traffic. Elijah kept asking, "WHY are we STOPPING?" It didn't make sense to him that traffic would come to a complete stop for NO REASON.

Our campground for the next two nights is RIGHT on the beach. Twenty steps away is toe-loving sand! Playa del Rey is gorgeous!

Dan's sister Debby lives 40 minutes south of here, so she kindly drove up to spend time with us when we got here. We don't get to see her much, so it was great to spend time with her.

We grilled dinner and walked to the beach before bed. The waves here are bigger than they were at the beach in Washington, so the boys were a little thrown off. As always, Elijah was drawn to the water. He basically walked straight into it until he realized that it was more powerful than he was and then he'd turn back around and run or crawl toward us.

Sammy got a bit of salt water in his mouth and just about DIED. By "died" I mean that he put on the most dramatic display ever. He spit all the way back to the RV and then for the next 30 minutes after that. It was his first experience with tasting salt water!

We've had a lot of driving time lately, so we are very much looking forward to a day of relaxation tomorrow. We plan to spend some time at the beach (it'll be our last bit of beach-time on this trip, sadly) and maybe get over to Santa Monica. We'll take it as it comes!

The sunset tonight was pretty! We're looking forward to another beach sunset tomorrow!

The boys were so cute saying good-night to Auntie Debby tonight. :) Kisses all around. More to come!