Reno, NV to Paso Robles, CA

Stop #11
Miles driven this leg: 453
Total miles driven: 3831
States visited: 9

Elijah turned into Pretend Angry Elijah a half second before this picture snapped. :) It made us all laugh. We were CRUSHED this morning to have to say goodbye to the Rollers. Sammy was a mess. He cried for 30 minutes after our departure. I held back my own tears for most of the morning. We all wished we could have stayed so much longer. Joe and Kathy and their awesome boys were SO kind to us. They spoiled us to pieces. The washed our blankets, sheets and clothing. They bought the boys toys and brought them to see a movie. They took Dan and I out to eat and drove us to Lake Tahoe. They sent us on our way with fresh water for our RV, fresh showers and even Reno t-shirts. I think we all considered at some point today turning around and going right back to Reno.

Buddy was in puppy heaven at their place. Their entire downstairs is basically set up for puppies to roam around. He had THREE other dogs to hang out with while we were there. Their dog Eva was the sweetest thing. She loves to cuddle and isn't snobby like Buddy. Buddy really only loves Dan. But Eva...she loved on all of us. I kept telling Eva to please give Buddy some tips.

Today as we drove off in tears, I looked back and saw Buddy staring downward. Even he was depressed!

We had a TON of time in the RV today. It was our longest stretch yet and by far. The boys and I had tons of time together. We had a photo-taking session, we played card games, read books, rested and of course made each other crazy at times.

Sammy, my little photographer, totally caught this candid moment between Elijah and me. We were snuggling on the couch and chatting. Sammy showed me what he had captured and I was impressed! I love it!

We made the decision to take a beautiful detour today, which extended our jaunt by a couple hours. At a few different points in the day, we weren't so sure we had made the right decision. Our day was growing LONG and we made only two stops in eleven hours. But then we got onto the PCH and saw this and we knew we had made the right decision.

The drive along the PCH was amazing! It was twisty and hilly and scary at times, but it was breath-taking. Back when I was dreaming about this adventure, I imagined us in an RV driving along the PCH and that was something that always put a smile on my face and motivated me to get stuff done. Today we lived out that dream of mine and I was on cloud nine as the wind blew through the window and I smelled the ocean and felt the spray from the waves on my face.

California has always had a special place in my heart. I moved here with my mom when I was ten. I remember loving the smell of the air, the ocean breeze on my face and the palm trees. I still love those same things every time I come back. It is so populated in so many areas, but despite that and the insanely pot-holed roads it is such a delicious state!

I've become ridiculously skilled at hanging out of our RV window to capture photography because WHO HAS TIME TO STOP?!

We drove inland a bit to get to our campground, which we will be at just for the night. After eleven hours on the road, ALL of us were a bit of a mess. Buddy was ready to go to the dog park. The boys were begging for hot food and then for the playground. When we left the playground, Elijah looked up at this palm tree skeptically and said, "Mom. What is THIS?" I told him it was a palm tree and he said, "Oh! I think I'll get a picture with it!"

Needless to say, it's TIME FOR BED! More California exploration to come in the next few days. Thanks so much for checking in here!