Day in Reno and Lake Tahoe

Stop #10
Miles driven this leg: 205
Total miles driven: 3378
States visited: 9

One thing we've noticed on this trip is that it's been weird bouncing in and out of "society." When we are living solely out of our RV, showers are limited, clothing is worn more than once and we are usually not super concerned with appearance. When we come into a city and get out to do things, we feel a bit out of place. Dressing up for us means putting on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

This morning the boys immediately hopped into the Rollers' pool. They've been wanting soooo badly to see Finding Dory, so we pulled on some fresh t-shirts (exciting!) and made it to an early matinee. Dan and I drove Joe's convertible to the theater, wooo! :) What a treat!

The boys have been so spoiled here. Kathy and Joe have been overly kind to them. After the movie and bit more swimming, Joe took them to a comic book store and bought each of them a Pop! figure. They were so happy. Lucky boys!

This afternoon Kathy, Joe and the four of us drove to Lake Tahoe. It was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.

We stopped at a few lookout spots for pictures and ate dinner at a pizza place after we splashed in the lake a bit.

The day was perfect. Our hosts were so generous and kind and we're grateful for their kindness and friendship.

Both Sammy and Elijah did great today with all of the activity. They were TIRED tonight and fell asleep the second their heads hit their pillows.

Kathy and Joe allowed Dan and me a few quiet moments together looking out over the lake while they watched our boys. Of course we had to create a scene like this one. :)

We are doing a load of laundry, wrapping up work and getting ready to head out tomorrow. None of us want to leave, but there are a few people expecting us down the road so we have to stick with our schedule. I'm off to sleep!