Klamath Falls, OR to Reno, NV

Stop #10
Miles driven this leg: 260
Total miles driven: 3173
States visited: 9

We were so sad to say goodbye to Dan's cousin and his family this morning. Making a stop at his house was a bit of a last-minute call and I'm SO glad we went. It always feels so good to connect with family, but now we're left wishing we lived so much closer to each other.

We stopped in a grocery store parking lot before heading out of town. The HQ was feeling a bit crusty, so we did a major clean-up, got coffee, set Buddy up with a bone and got the boys situated with some toys. Our drive was twisty and bumpy, but we are old pros when it comes to the twisty and bumpy.

About an hour outside of Reno, we were all getting hungry and restless and the roads were too bumpy to get up and make lunch while driving. We pulled over at an RV campground we spotted, used their dump station, made lunch, played at the playground and we were on our way.

We were greeted SO warmly by our friends here in Reno. We've known the Rollers since right around the time Elijah was born. Their son Isaac and Elijah were born one month apart and were also born with the same heart defect. Kathy and I connected right away through our blogs and have grown close over the years. We've been able to meet in person a handful of times. A year and a half ago their precious Isaac went to be with Jesus after acquiring an infection in his heart. There is definitely a missing link in this trip as I know everyone is missing Isaac, but it is SO GOOD to see our friends, hug them and spend time with them. They are such an incredible family.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their pool this evening!

Have I mentioned that Kathy and Joe are the kindest people I've ever met? They are. They have made us feel totally, completely welcome here. They've even put their middle son Eli on boy duty in the RV overnight so that we can get a good night of sleep in their guest house.

Eli watched the boys this evening, too, while the adults went out for a Mexican meal. A good time was had all around. The boys loved hanging out here with the big boys and puppies.

After dinner, we grabbed some shark floaties and a hatchet at Sheels. A good pair, right?

We cruised around town in Joe's convertible this evening. The weather was delicious and it felt good to have the wind blowing through my hair. Another good day in the books. We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.

Elijah has made a connection with the Rollers' oldest but smallest dog, Katie. He follows her around wherever she goes. It's the cutest thing. It looks like he is trying to strangle her here, but it's just intense love, I promise.

We have an ENTIRE day here in Reno tomorrow. We're super excited for more Roller time!!