Long Beach, WA to Idleyld, OR

Stop #8
Miles driven this leg: 339
Total miles driven: 2771
States visited: 7

We said goodbye to the ocean this morning. There is something so majestic and other-worldly about the ocean. It is hard to pull yourself away from its beauty, especially when you don’t see it often. I reminded myself and my boys many times today that we will see it again soon in California. That made saying goodbye a little bit easier.

We drove into the Portland area of Oregon because we had an oil change date. We dropped off the HQ and realized that we had to walk about a half of a mile to grab lunch. That half-mile was right alongside a busy road. It was treacherous and scary at times trying to manage the dog and two boys, but we survived. We made it across a bridge with literally two feet of walking space and settled down on the lawn in A&W for some greasy grub.

We received conflicting news from two different mechanics (from the same shop) about the state of our RV. We'll be having it checked out in Reno for a second opinion, hopefully.

We have driven through some pretty amazing states with BEAUTIFUL scenery, but driving through the mountains in Oregon today BLEW. ME. AWAY. Wow! I could never ever describe in words how beautiful it is here. As we drove up the twisty roads to our campsite, I rolled down the window and totally absorbed the tall trees and aqua-colored river that rumbled below us. Amazing, you guys! I've told Dan about a dozen times tonight that we are coming back here and staying for a week or more.

The photos I took of the view from our campsite do not do it justice. Our view is absolutely incredible here and you'd have to be sitting next to us to truly appreciate it.

We had a quick dinner tonight and put our food away quickly because we hear there's a resident bear who preys on leftover food.

S'mores were necessary after dinner. It had been a few nights and it just seemed fitting, given our woodsy surroundings.

We were initially planning on staying at this campground for a few nights, but I think we'll head down to southern Oregon to visit Dan's cousin and then onto Reno. Tomorrow we hope to visit Crater Lake on our way! Thanks SO MUCH for peeking in here! Much more to come..