Seattle, WA to Long Beach, WA

Stop #7
Miles driven this leg: 197
Total miles driven: 2432
States visited: 6

My uncle and his wife spoiled us ROTTEN! We came into their house from our RV this morning and they had personalized pancakes waiting for us! Breakfast was delicious and we were so grateful that we had the chance to spend a bit of time with them.

The boys wanted one last peek at Uncle Brooks' amazing train set! Sammy had a hard time leaving and asked a handful of times if he could just stay, please, Mom.

It was sad to say goodbye!

We had a bit of extra time today, so we quick scooted into downtown Seattle to see the Space Needle. We all loved it!

We ate brunch at the very top of the Space Needle and we had countless conversations with Sammy about the fact that the FLOOR was moving, not the wall. "NO, Mom! The WALL is moving, look! You don't understand!" After twelves times, I finally just started agreeing with him. :)

We were back to our RV around 1:00 and headed toward our next campground at Long Beach, WA! The drive was super twisty. Elijah threw up, I felt like throwing up and we all felt off when we arrived. We pulled in and didn't immediately see the beach like we thought we would. We were expecting to be disappointed yet again, but then took a quick walk to the beach 500 feet away. It. Was. AMAZING! Nobody was in sight, the beach is flawless and the ocean was of course beautiful.

This was Sammy's first-ever time at the ocean! Momentous!

I think it's safe to say that he LOVED it! We spent some time running around on the beautiful beach, went back to our RV to eat dinner and then came back to enjoy the sunset.

We had some special peaceful moments together tonight.

Did I mention that Buddy was in doggy heaven? :)

We are all getting to bed super duper late, but it was worth it. Our day was packed, but we are feeling grateful, loved and blessed tonight! We're off to SLEEP! More beach tomorrow!