Soap Lake, WA to Seattle, WA

Stop #6
Miles driven this leg: 181
Total miles driven: 2235
States visited: 6

This is what I saw one of the first times I walked out of The HQ this morning. I guess after swiping two hot dogs and a hamburger from our table last night and inhaling them in less than 20 seconds, he thought there might be remnants. Silly puppy.

So our time at Soap Lake was interesting! We thought it was beautiful and we loved the campground facilities. It's funny how a few of you messaged me today asking why we left early. We did feel a little out of place. Dan and I both felt very good about leaving early. We were initially planning to bypass Seattle, but with our extra day we decided to head that way. And I have a super awesome, kind uncle who lives in Seattle! I called him at 8:30 this morning and told him we were headed his way and he and his lovely wife welcomed us with open arms by late afternoon. I love family!

Before we left, the boys wanted to play and swim at the campground one last time. I snapped this pic of my four boys gazing out over the pretty lake, which by the way, we learned has mysterious medicinal properties. Now I wish I'd submerged all of our bodies.

Sweet brothers.

There was a giant chess board by the pool that Elijah and Dan played a game at quick before swimming.

The pool was pretty chilly, but we all took a dunk. Dan and I both showed off our cannonballing skills. Sammy mostly hung out in the hot tub (which was bathwater warm) with about fifteen other people. Elijah, our water-loving boy, did not mind the cool pool and swam around in it for as long as we allowed him to.

We felt the pull to leave, so we showered, got slushies (of course) and packed up.

We ran into a really long stretch of standstill traffic, so we let the boys get out of their seatbelts for a bit.

Washington is BEAUTIFUL! I haven't visited since I was a kid, so I was blown away by the HUGE, beautiful trees and mountains. Wow!

At one point during our traffic standstill, I found Elijah in Buddy's kennel SLEEPING. Of course. Buddy was curled up right outside of it, looking at me like, "Are you seeing this? Can you beLIEVE it??" :)

We arrived in Seattle and my uncle and his wife greeted us so warmly and welcomingly. They totally opened their arms to us, showed us their amazing home (pic in a bit), fed us dinner, ran a load of our laundry and gave us tons of love. My grandma, who I haven't seen in years, lives in a nursing home just down the street, so we surprised her with a visit. I loved seeing her! She is 94 years old and has great capacity for her age. It was such a highlight being able to chat with her!

Here is the amazing view from my uncle's driveway, where we are parked for the night. Isn't this incredible? I keep looking out our RV window and pinching myself.

We were disappointed about leaving our last campground early, but we are SO GLAD we were able to visit family and spend this precious time with them. We actually aren't certain what is in store tomorrow. As this trip goes on, we are learning that we like a bit of spontaneity over super-planned agendas. To be continued tomorrow! Thanks for reading!