The Blessing Jar

One of the main reasons we are taking off on our big summer adventure is to spread as much kindness to the people we meet across the U.S. A sweet friend gave me the brilliant idea to create a Blessing Jar as a way to get our boys involved in this endeavor. Over the past few days we have each been contributing blessings to the bucket and at each stop we plan to pluck out a blessing and follow through with it.

This is a fun project to create, as it gets the entire family involved. It would be great for road trips of any kind, whether it be in a car or RV. And it's such a fun way to show kiddos that being kind doesn't just feel good, it is also fun!

Grab a bunch of blank popsicle sticks (available at any crafty store) and using a Sharpie, jot down anything ranging from "Smile at someone!" to "Empty someone's dump tank!" Throw the written-on sticks in a bucket, jar or container of any kind and have fun delivering blessings!