HOME to Kennebec, SD

Stop #1
Miles driven this leg: 392
Total miles driven: 392
States visited: 2

This morning we packed up the last little tidbits from our no-longer-home house. As I walked up to the front door for the last time, something made me look up. Sitting on the rain gutter directly above the front door were four little birds staring down at me. I stopped and looked up at them and knew that it meant something. One bird for each of us, and certainly a sign that a piece of us will always be in that home.

My eyes have been open wide today and I've been seeing lots of significant little tokens. God's hand has been in this ENTIRE process and now that the hard work is done, the way everything was perfectly orchestrated is more evident than ever. It is so cool to look back on the way certain dates have aligned and little things have fallen into place that not so long ago seemed impossible. Today is July 1st, the first day of a fresh month and also the first day of a fresh new BIG chapter for our family. I ran into the gas station to grab coffee this morning and a shiny penny fell into the change tray. It was the shiniest penny I've ever seen. So shiny that it didn't look real. I examined it and wasn't surprised to see that 2016 was imprinted on it. I put it in my pocket, knowing it was another little special token for this big day and adventure.

We are feeling SO much right now. So many totally different emotions are swimming through our minds. As the miles tick on, the sadness that goes with saying good-bye to a big chapter will fade. Today we are being easy on ourselves and allowing some extra quiet and grace.

The first few minutes on the road were surreal. Elijah kept saying, "Are we on our trip? Are we really on our trip?" Elijah enjoyed a nap right off the bat and Sammy and I had some special snuggle time in the back bedroom.

Buddy did GREAT in the RV! There isn't much for him to chew on, so he opted for resting. :)

Dan drove for the first few hours and I wrapped up the last two. Driving this massive beast wasn't as challenging as I'd imagined. Dan had to keep telling me to slow down. :)

Our home for the night is perfect! We are at a campground in the middle of South Dakota. It is scarce here, but that seems fitting for our first night.

The boys played at the playground for a bit and after selecting "Give someone flowers" from our Blessing Jar, Elijah plucked a few pretty flowers from the grass and (with a little help) brought them over to a couple of nice ladies. He totally made their day. It was so precious.

We squeezed in some s'mores by the fire and Elijah requested "scary stories" after that. His stories revolved around sarcophaguses (too tired to look up that spelling) falling off of RVs.

The sunset here was amazing! Dan and I put our tired boys to bed and shared a few quiet moments by the dying fire as Buddy ate everything in sight.

We are SUPER grateful that we have the opportunity to make this trip work! We all are on cloud 9 and cannot WAIT to see what's to come. Thank you SO MUCH for checking in. Much more coming your way!