The HQ Porta-fied and Ready for Departure!

I highly recommend being adventurous, selling your home, buying an RV and traveling the country (if it's feasible, of course), but I do not recommend doing all of the above in the span of a few weeks. WOW this week was nuts. I'm talking check-yourself-into-the-asylum nuts. Envision Dan and me as the forces of the tornado responsible for staying in motion.

Yesterday we loaded our entire home into a moving truck and put everything in a storage unit. Today we tied up loose ends: hair cuts, cleaning, parking cars, a last-minute Wal-Mart trip and dealing with a medication debacle that is all my absent-minded fault. Together as a family we said good-bye to our home, which involved some tears. We even squeezed in time to "Portafy" The HQ and we all love the sprucing. (see the before pics here!)

We replaced old (ugly) pillows with our fun ones and put personalized artwork on the walls. We added color and flowers.

The boys' bunkbeds are so cozy. In all honesty, we did not sleep great in here last night but that is how it goes anywhere for the first few nights. We have some adjusting to do! Tonight at bedtime Buddy crawled into bed with Elijah and it seemed to be a comforting thing for both of them, so we're going with it. We'll keep Bud in his kennel for the main chunk of the night, but how awesome that they are finding comfort in one another! (Important side note that the boys would want me to relay: Sammy has the top bunk for the first 3 weeks and Elijah has it for the last 3.)

The bathroom is tiny, but so cute!

I stripped the border off the walls all over The HQ and it looks so much better. Our bedroom is cozy and we love it!

A funny from this morning..

We were still kind of going back and forth between house and RV. I asked Elijah to get dressed and come inside and then I went into the house myself to make breakfast. A few minutes later, Elijah came running inside...TOTALLY PANTLESS. I'm talking NOTHING from the belly button down. I about died! We had a chat about the importance of always wearing pants in public and then I prayed that no one happened to be walking their dog by our house at that exact moment. Many more moments like these are sure to occur over the next few weeks. There's never a dull moment around these parts! :)

I'll be taking Elijah to his beloved horse-back riding in the morning and after that, WE ARE OFF! I can't believe it!! Much much more to come in the next few weeks!

We're all feeling totally exhausted tonight after such a crazy couple days/weeks, but we are so excited to turn the page and start the next chapter. TOMORROW that new chapter will begin! To be continued!