Tinged with Sadness

I had Kohls cash burning a hole in my pocket, so I just HAD to head that way today. I am so terrible about buying clothes for myself, so despite the steep bill it was a good thing that I refreshed my summer wardrobe. On my drive home, a wave of total sadness swept over me. I didn't know where it was coming from, but the reason surfaced while sitting at a stop light.

We have been so excited about departing on our adventure that I haven't paused to consider that we will never see our home again. When we leave on Friday, we will be saying good-bye to it forever. We have yearned to sell this home for so many years. Dan and I have joked over the years that it would be our retirement home because the idea of getting rid of it seemed impossible for so long. But now a bit of sadness has dampened my excitement because I'm thinking of the memories we have made in this house.

We brought both of our boys to this house after they were born. I remember Dan holding my pregnant self on the couch as we cried together over the difficult news about Elijah's heart. I remember praying hard for Elijah to roll over, crawl and walk in our tiny living room. I remember anxiously caring for a very sick-hearted Elijah before his second open heart surgery. I remember watching hours upon hours of Veggie Tales. I remember walking crying babies who refused to sleep through every step of our home. I remember holding a newborn Sammy in my arms and feeling such an intense love for him. I remember watching Sammy tear through this house like a little tornado and pinching his cute chubby little legs as he ran by. I remember countless tickle sessions and rounds of Candyland on the floor. I remember doing tons of cooking, baking and Christmas-cookie making. I remember Christmas trees that looked so beautiful that we just sat and stared at them in awe. I remember snowball fights, snowman-building and water gun fights in our little yard. I remember washing dishes and gazing over at my sweet boys' faces as they gobbled up their breakfast. I remember messy rooms and laundry stacked in the hallway and clogged toilets and tumbles down the stairs. I remember jumping on the bed and snuggle time and bath toys being flung happily from the tub. I will always remember so much love being shared in this little home of ours. We are so excited to say good-bye to our trusty home and move onto the next chapter, but fond memories will always be with us.

Onto new adventures and memories!