A Letter from the Hubby and COO :)

Dear stockholders and future stockholders of PipandEbby.com,

I have been married to Megan for over a decade, but it has been just over a week since I was appointed the Chief Operations Officer of this website (at least for the summer) and I would like to give a brief update.

I am impressed and excited about the level of excellence that daily exudes itself from the top right on down here at Pip and Ebby. I look forward to the challenge of not only continuing that excellence but also spreading it to new areas. As I am not one to just speak of general ideas without action I am pleased to say that I have already narrowed in on some specific areas of development and growth.

As I’ve delved into the details of the business this past week I quickly noticed that there is a very limited use of movie references, quotes and video clips. I feel this is one area I can quickly affect with my vast experience and movie-quoting abilities.

During the 3rd quarter of 2016 I am confidently predicting an increase of 113%! To many of you, that may sound too ambitious but I say it is not only attainable but easily surpassable. “So let it be written, so let it be done” (name the movie! … then name the other great movie the actor who said it starred in).

I would also like to briefly address some questions concerning the upcoming westward adventure that our company and family will be taking. I’ve had these questions myself as I’m sure many others have. Questions such as:

“Dan, you don’t have a job, how is it you are headed west on such a big adventure?”

“Whoa, you don’t have a house to live in at the beginning of the school year, why are you heading west?”

“But you don’t know anything about RVs, why are you heading west!?”  etc...

I’ve thought of many different answers but I think Nathaniel of the Yengeese, Hawkeye, adopted son of Chingachgook of the Mohican people has already given a great answer:

“Well, we kinda face to the north and real sudden-like turn left.”

I’ve definitely wrestled with these questions and many more but at the end of the day I’m just going by the grace of God. The way events have fallen into place, this trip and my employment with Pip and Ebby is meant to be.

I look forward to being a part of this adventure and all that is to come!