Meet RVHQ (aka "The HQ")!

I knew the second we purchased our RV that it would need to be named. Our boys are so creative and I knew they'd be on top of it. The second Elijah stepped out of the RV for the first time, he referred to it as "The HQ." It was perfect! It will be our HQ for a few months...for our entire summer adventure and probably a few months after. When I shared the name with Sammy, he lit up and said, "Perfect! The official name is RVHQ and nickname is The HQ!" So there you have it. We are named.

We leave for our adventure a WEEK FROM TOMORROW! Yikes! We have so much to do in our house before then. For now, I'll give you a virtual tour around the inside of our tiny new home that we are all aching to get into! There are two slides, one on each side. The living area (couch that E is sitting on in the below pic, as well as the micro/stove) slides out 2 feet. That gives us a nice spacious living area when we are parked! We love the hard floors, too.

Here's a view of our dining area, which can also be folded down into another bed.

The space above the cab is an extra bed/loft area and the boys have already claimed this as their most favorite part of the RV. The "big" tv is up there and they love closing the curtain around themselves while watching cooking shows (seriously).

This view is from the kitchen area looking to the back part of the RV. You can see the boys' bunkbeds and our bedroom beyond that. The bunks are another slide that goes out two feet when parked.

Our bedroom area is nice and cozy and I love that we are so close to boys' beds.

The bed is a downgrade for us, as we are king-bed lovers, but we'll make do. Dan will have to get used to more snuggles. I LOVE the pull-down shades on every window in The HQ.

This is our view when we're in bed. I wish we had a tv in this space, but we can survive without.

View of the bunkbeds from our bedroom. There are two separating partitions on both sides of the bunks for privacy.

It looks HUGE in this photo looking from our bedroom to the front of the cab!

The front of the cab looking back, both slides out.

I had to share this entry art because I immediately stripped it off the wall due to DISlike. We are in the process of "Porta-fying" the HQ and this is one of the things that will be totally transformed!

Here's our cute little kitchen, complete with microwave, stove/oven and sink. I can't wait to stock it up next week!

The bathroom is actually pretty spacious!

The shower is big and the boys will need to abruptly adjust from taking baths to taking showers.

We don't have a ton of time to make significant changes to the HQ, but we've already started making a few tweaks and will post pics soon!

Please pray that we all keep our sanity in the next week as we pack the rest of our home, move everything into a storage unit, prepare our RV for travel and get on the road! Thanks so much for following our journey! MUCH more to come! Next up: fun post from Dan himself! :)