Food Blogging Mentoring Program

For years I have felt a pull to start a mentoring program for food bloggers. MY WHY for blogging is to help YOU, whether by creating tasty, easy recipes or by helping you kill it as a blogger. Because blogging is intense. Food bloggers take on the roles of approximately 72 different jobs and if you have any experience with it, you know that I am not even joking. It is a super rewarding hobby/job, but it can also be incredibly overwhelming.

Whether you are thinking about starting a blog or you've just started a blog or you have been running a blog for years, I can help you reach your next-step blogging goals. I have been blogging for almost eight years and when I started, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I went from taking unappetizing, horribly lit food photos and hacking my way through designing a website to having a website I love, publishing a cookbook and launching my very own cooking app.

The world is your oyster when it comes to food blogging. Whether your end goal is to give Pioneer Woman a run for her money or to leave your yawn-inducing job once and for all or to be on tv or to reach 1 million pageviews/month or to increase your social media following, YOU CAN DO IT. We underestimate the power of thought when it is fueled by passion and desire. You are capable of accomplishing so much more than you think. Let me help you understand your unique strengths, value and potential and to figure out how to accomplish exactly what you want your blog to do for your life!

Food Blogging Mentoring Program Includes:

- SIX WEEKS of mentoring!
- Totally personalized advice to help you meet your blogging goals.
- An analysis of your website (focusing on web design, branding, food photography, writing, voice, overall content quality, reader engagement) and social media channels.
- A 1-hour phone call to discuss analysis findings, as well as suggestions/strategies that will help you achieve those goals, dangit.
- Five 30-minute weekly phone calls (starting one week after initial call) to update goals and progress and stay on-task.
- A weekly task/goal list.
- Strategies to help you soar once the six weeks is up!

I cannot wait to watch you reach your blogging potential!

Program Cost: $500

To Secure a Spot:

To secure a spot, please fill out this form and send payment via Paypal. Mentees will be chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis and there will be limited space as I get this program up and running!