What camera and lens do you use to shoot the photography on this website?

If you are looking to improve the look of your food photography, you do not need to buy super expensive equipment. You can use reasonably priced equipment and still achieve quality, mouth-watering photographs. In all honesty, using appropriate lighting is the most important aspect. Set up your scene in a shaded area with natural lighting hitting it from either the back or the side. If natural lighting is not an option, there are affordable tabletop lights that work great. In the winter months when the sun goes down at, I don't know, NOON, I use two Lowel Ego lights that I set up on a table or the floor. For a more detailed look into how to achieve better food photos, check out my video series for food bloggers.  

With that said, I am extremely happy with the camera and lens I use for food photography. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III body and a Canon EF 24-70MMF/2.8L lens. This lens produces dreamily delicious food images. 

Can I post your photos and recipes on my own website?

This has been a sensitive subject with me over the years. I am all for sharing food blog love, but only when credit is given where credit is due. If you take content directly from my website, please follow these guidelines:

- Photos must link to the associated post on my blog.

- Photo credit must be listed below the photo.

- My recipes absolutely cannot be pasted onto other websites or in printed material without permission. The exception to this is if you are a food blogger and have taken the time to create and photograph one of my recipes yourself. In this scenario, give me credit and you can post the recipe if rewritten in your own words.

I feel absolutely honored when food bloggers are inspired by something I've created and that I have shared on my website. Be courteous and give proper credit and we are all good. Be kind, people. Be kind.