I occasionally get asked about the equipment I use to take photos/video, so here is a comprehensive list of all the goodies!

  • Camera bodies: I shoot all of my photos and some of my video using a Canon 5D Mark iii. It is a solid camera body and the quality of output is extraordinary. If this camera is in your budget, I highly recommend it!

  • Camera lenses: 100% of the photos you see on this website and also in Cookie Remix have been taking using the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens. I’m kinda in love with this lens, I’ll admit. It produces crisp, clear photographs, the bokeh is incredible and I love that the f-stop goes to all the way to 2.8.

  • Video: We use a few different cameras to shoot the videos you’ll find on this website. Canon 5D Mark iii, GoPro Hero 7, Sony a7sii and Canon Rebel t3i are all used at different angles and for different types of video. I use the same Canon EF 24-70mm lens that I use for photography and I’ve also used my Canon 50mm lens to shoot video. We also use the Sony 16-35mm e mount and Canon EFS 55-250 lenses for shooting.

  • Lighting: I use this free form of light called the SUN for most of my photography, but when we produce videos we typically use two of these softbox lights. They produce an ideal lighting environment for videography, they are adjustable and easy to move around.

  • Tripod: I rarely use a tripod for photography, but here are a few of the tripods we use for videography. AmazonBasics tripod, Manfrotto 190 Go! tripod and the Manfrotto Flat Base Fluid Head attaches to our tripod that shoots overhead video.

  • Computer: Once the photos and video clips have been taken, we get to work editing on our Apple MacBook Pro.

  • Photo editing: We use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit all of our photography. Between the two programs, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed!

  • Video editing: I use Final Cut Pro to edit my videos, but my amazing videographer Morgan (who creates far better videos than I do) uses Adobe Premiere Pro to edit her videos.