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Avocado Berry Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

We have had some sunny, HOT days this week here in Minnesota and I love it! Giggles have been gushing from my front yard as my boys squirt each other with cold water and run around in soaked swimsuits. I think I can safely say that we Minnesotans appreciate summer more than most. Aside from maybe Alaskans and Russians.

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Make-Ahead Breakfast: Easy Eggs and Veggies

Dan is constantly telling me that I need to be better about eating breakfast. Most of the time I just forget! I get caught up in getting food in the boys' bellies and filling up Elijah's lunch box and putting dishes away and keeping an eye out for the bus. Then I hurry to get a bit of work done before Sammy and I head out for errands or the gym. At that point I remember. Oops. Tummy is empty.

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BLEAT Sandwich (a yummy twist on the BLT!)

One of the things I love most about my little brother is his girlfriend. She is pretty and kind and she puts up with my brother. :) She and I also share an intense love for the delicious avocado. Mmmm...aren't avocados good on just about everything? A few months ago she texted me, saying that she had added avocado slices to her BLT sandwich. My brother wanted to add an over-easy egg to his, so they threw it all together. DELICIOUS! Why had I never thought of this?! Thanks, guys, for the idea. I will be making this delicious sandwich OFTEN.

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Omelets on the go

Dark grey clouds that hung low in the sky smacked down my lofty dreams for this post. It won't be nearly as cool to tell you about what I had planned as it would have been to pull it off. I'll try. On-the-go breakfasts are awesome! Everyone is in a hurry in the morning, right? I thought of skydivers, who get up with the birds to jump out of airplanes. If the sun is shining and the plane is flying, the last thing we want to think about is nourishment. Coffee, maybe, but food. I wanted to create a video that involved skydivers grabbing these on-the-go omelets as we walked to the airplane. And then jumping out of the plane

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BLT Salad

First and foremost, I picked a winning comment from my last post. Pam G, look for an email from me with details! Can we please go to Ireland together?

I know I've mentioned this about a hundred times before, but I love salads. Especially in the summer, I could eat a salad every day. I'll be honest about where the inspiration for this one came from. Bacon was on sale. Yep. So we bought a bunch of bacon and my husband and I said to each other, "What in the world are we going to do with all of this bacon?!" And then we both said simultaneously, "BLTs!" And then one of the light bulbs in our kitchen went out

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