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Hot Corn and Crab Dip

We typically do not do sit-down family dinners in the summer. We let the boys eat outside as much as possible and usually that means Dan and I fend for ourselves. I call it our warm-weather-loving summer no-schedule dinner schedule.

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Best EVER Chicken Enchiladas

It's another beautiful Minnesota day! The weather has been just delicious. This is why we endure huge fluffy mittens, 3-inch thick snow boots, frozen nostrils, scraping ice from windshields, extra pounds on the thighs and winter depression.

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Spicy Shrimp Pasta Skillet

Are you watching the Oscars tonight? We will be watching half-heartedly. We are never completely in the loop, as we are usually too tired to be, but it is fun to watch the glitz and glamour for an evening. On an unrelated note (because I totally lack glitz and glamour), I have some exciting things coming up on this blog! Insert cliffhanger..

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Chicken Jalapeño Dip

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading through the kitchen incident comments from this post. Oh my goodness! Burning stomachs, flaming oven mitts, sliced fingers, dropped turkeys and toes that were hacked to pieces with an axe! I had to read through them a couple times to pick a winner because they were all so good! (By "good" I mean "awful.")

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Chicken Enchilada Bake

My big-boy second grader just stepped onto the bus for the first time this year. We have been on the wildest, most indescribable journey with him. He has faced so many scary things in his little life, yet he continues to grow and thrive...and SMILE. So I sit here on his first day of second grade, typing through tears to tell you about this incredible dinner I made the other night. 

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