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One-Pan Chicken Broccoli Rice Skillet

As the mother of two little boys, one of them with special needs, I can tell you that there have been many days that have left my head spinning. But I have never...not ever...had a day like today. I wish I could erase it from my memory. The promise of a new day always helps, but all I want to do is cry. And eat. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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Chicken Burrito Bowls

Let's hear it for Saturday night! This week was nuts. Good nuts and crazy nuts. The food detailed in this post has nothing to do with nuts.

This week we bid farewell to Elijah's second grade year, we celebrated Sammy's fifth (holy cow, fifth) birthday, Dan left for a DC trip, much work was accomplished away and at home, we visited friends, aunties and cousins and

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Best EVER Chicken Enchiladas

It's another beautiful Minnesota day! The weather has been just delicious. This is why we endure huge fluffy mittens, 3-inch thick snow boots, frozen nostrils, scraping ice from windshields, extra pounds on the thighs and winter depression.

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Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am feeling thankful on this cold, snowy, sleeting, dreary day. My little Sammy is snuggled into my side as I type. Next year he will be in kindergarten and I will miss the daytime snuggles. I cherish every single moment with his cuteness buried into me. Who cares that I can't work for one consecutive minute without being interrupted. A year from now I will be yearning for it!

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Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

Are there support groups that exist for individuals with apple addictions? I acquired two more huge bags of apples (this time not from the secret orchard) and I have been salivating over the possibilities. So far today I have made three apple recipes. One of them I had never made before and I'm super excited about sharing it! I have grand plans to attempt three more new recipes tomorrow. We'll see how that pans out.

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