Philly Cheesesteak Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Introducing the perfect marriage of sandwiches! Philly cheesesteak + grilled cheese = ahhhhmazing!

We are falling in love with Montana. It's just like Minnesota (ha)...exceeeeppt there are breathtaking mountains everywhere you look, the mosquito population is a fraction of the size and the humidity is non-existent. So basically, it's perfect. I can just imagine the townships of mosquitoes residing in our back yard in MN, anxiously awaiting our return so they can suck gallons of blood from our bodies. We have a handful of days left here and we plan to enjoy every mosquitoless moment!

We have been making the BEST RV food on this trip and I hope you've been following me on Instagram, catching the recipes and trip updates. This grilled cheese sandwich isn't something I've made on this trip, but I sure wish it was sitting in front of me! It is the perfect sandwich marriage and comfort food. Dan and I swooned over this one! Cooking it gets a bit messy, but it is oohhhhh so worth the mess.

Enjoy your Sunday! Thank you so much for being here, friends!