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Five-ingredient funfetti bars

This post is coming to you from Minneapolis Children's Hospital. I'd have to go through my archives to be sure, but this could be my first post ever written from the hospital. Elijah is currently having the ear bones in his left ear reconstruction to hopefully restore hearing that he has been without for a few years now. The doctor found NO regrowth of the mass that has been removed twice. This is great news! We would appreciate prayers for a successful and smooth rest of the surgery. THANK YOU!

I had every intention of making these bars over the weekend

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Healthy fruit dip

I looked at my phone this morning and was startled to see that today is July 1st. It is always strange to comprehend the passing of another month, isn't it? Summer months are especially precious to us Minnesotans, so entering into July is sad in a way. We have so many events yet to look forward to this summer, but here's saying a proper good-bye to June! See ya again next year!

Those things we are looking forward to? There is one particular something coming up in the next few days that we are super excited about! A fellow heart family that we adore is driving all the way from Texas to visit! We are anticipating their arrival with complete excitement! Eeeeeee! Much adventure awaits!

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Veggie confetti pasta

The little boys and I survived our 2,800-mile Kentucky/North Carolina road trip. We packed many smiles, tears and memories into 13 days. One of the greatest gifts I feel I can give to my precious boys is introducing them to ADVENTURE. I love adventure and I want them to seek it, always. There is so much to see and do and explore and discover. There are so many amazing people to meet and love and make connections with. Elijah told me the other day that he wants to visit Egypt. "Maybe next summer," he said. Uhh, I was thinking maybe just visiting the west coast next summer. I promised him that we will explore the world together (with the rest of our family, if they are up for it, too)! Egypt and everything in between.

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Overnight oatmeal

We are on the tail end of our 2014 summer road trip. In all honesty, it has not been an easy adventure. Elijah is struggling more than ever. The (un)perfect storm has been brewing in his little mind/body, making him act in ways I have never seen. If I had known this scenario would have transpired, I never would have left Minnesota. But here we are, on the back side of our journey, good and bad memories under our belts. We have a day and a half left in North Carolina, a day of driving, a night in Kentucky, another looong day of driving and then we will be home! It has been wonderful to spend time with friends and family, but we are excited to sleep in our own beds and most of all we are excited to see Dan. We have missed him a lot.

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Food/photography retreat!

So far the summer routine has been a bit nuts and routine-less, so please bear with me as I adjust! The little boys and I are currently in North Carolina. Prior to that we were in Kentucky for a few nights. It has been on my mental list to whip something up to photograph and blog about, but it just hasn't worked out. Tonight/tomorrow my stepmom and I have plans to make something yummy that I think you will enjoy An easy summer breakfast!
In the meantime, I have a question for you all! Or, er, a couple questions. I'm considering doing a cooking and/or food photography retreat for all of YOU to join me at.

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