Food/photography retreat!

So far the summer routine has been a bit nuts and routine-less, so please bear with me as I adjust! The little boys and I are currently in North Carolina. Prior to that we were in Kentucky for a few nights. It has been on my mental list to whip something up to photograph and blog about, but it just hasn't worked out. Tonight/tomorrow my stepmom and I have plans to make something yummy that I think you will enjoy An easy summer breakfast!
In the meantime, I have a question for you all! Or, er, a couple questions. I'm considering doing a cooking and/or food photography retreat for all of YOU to join me at. If you would be interested in attending something like this, send me an email (use the Contact button or: with the following info:
1. What would your budget be?
2. What length of trip is most appealing? (3-4 days? 5 days? 7 days?)
3. What would you want the retreat to be about? Cooking? Baking? Photography? Something more specific?
4. WHERE WOULD YOU WANT TO GO?? The sky is the limit! Italy? Nicaragua? New York? San Fran? 
This would be for ANY of you! It would be a fun time to connect and share ideas and learn a few things about broad cooking/photography topics or something more specific. The cost will depend on how many people are interested and whether we do it domestically or internationally. We can keep costs low by shortening the trip and keeping it domestic, if that is appealing.
Seriously, you guys, this would be SO MUCH FUN! Please consider it!