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Green salad with lemon vinaigrette

For the second time in the past six months, I am in Indiana. Prior to July, I had never been here in my life! We are staying in a rented house for a few days with my side of the family, celebrating Christmas. This morning we celebrated with a pancake breakfast and presents. This afternoon we slid around on the lake in our snow boots, built a teeny-tiny snowman and took naps. This evening brought enchiladas for dinner and Despicable Me 2, while Elijah does play-by-play commentary so that nothing is a surprise to anyone. We are cherishing our time. I love my family!

2014 is only a few days away, isn't that crazy?! You just have to add this salad to your list of recipes to make in the new year in order to fulfill your resolutions. It is one of my faves!


In a large bowl, combine:

4 cups each of romaine lettuce and iceberg lettuce, rinsed and broken into small pieces

3 stalks celery, sliced

2 Granny Smith apples, cored and chopped

1 cup green olives, chopped

1 cucumber, peeled and chopped

2 avocados, peeled, pitted and chopped

1 bunch green onions, sliced

Toss, cover and refrigerate.


In a small bowl, whisk together:

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

Juice from 1/2 lemon

2 tablespoons sugar

Salt and pepper, to taste

Cover and refrigerate. When ready to serve, pour the dressing into the salad bowl and toss until coated.

Have a great week, everyone, and HAPPY 2014!

Printable recipe: Green salad with lemon vinaigrette

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Reader Comments (3)

this sounds like a great start to the new year!

01.2.2014 | Unregistered CommenterDina

This salad is AMAZING, I was a little nervous about the apple with the olives but it just worked together so beautifully! Thank you for such a delicious recipe.

01.20.2014 | Unregistered CommenterAlaa

So glad you liked it, Alaa! Thanks for trusting me with the apples/olives. It does sound strange...but works! Have a great week!

01.20.2014 | Registered CommenterMegan Porta

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