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Veggie juice #1

In case you happen to be tired of the copious amounts of calorie-laden goodies I have been sharing, I offer you a reprieve! Thanks to a very generous and kind friend, we are owners of a brand new juicer! And we have been using it like crazy. This week I have had a veggie juice for breakfast and lunch every day, followed by a sensible dinner. I had to "cheat" by eating something substantial before dinner the last three days because I get light-headed if I don't. I don't like feeling light-headed. The detox feels good, though. My body is happy!

Dan and I have a standard juice that we make, but when we are in short supply of ingredients we have to improvise. This juice was one of my improvisations that turned out delicious! If you have a juicer, you must give this a try.

Run the following through a juicer:

3 kale leaves

A handful of spinach

1 cucumber, quartered

3 carrots

2 tomatoes, quartered

Small handful of fresh parsley

2 green apples, quartered

1 lemon, quartered, deseeded and most of peel cut off

1 clove garlic

1 inch of peeled ginger

This made somewhere around 16 ounces of juice. I loved the tiny bit of zing that the garlic added, but omit that if you would like.

It is delicious and sooo healthy! More juice recipes to come, as well as naughty, delicious treats. :)

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Reader Comments (5)

I sometimes have a hard time believing that vegetable juice can be delicious. I like vegetables, I just don't drink them... often. Did you find getting a juicer was a worthy addition to your kitchen?

12.15.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJeff

Hi Jeff! YES! I am loving the juicer and very glad we got it. I will be using it a ton!

12.15.2012 | Registered CommenterMegan Porta

Okay, here's an awkward/weird question. Did you notice that it had any affects on your health/weight? I've heard it's supposed to be a pretty healthy option, but I didn't know if it was just "another quick health fix" kinda thing.

12.15.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJeff

Hi Jeff! Do a few google searches on health benefits of juicing. It's not a quick fix at all. I've been replacing at least one meal a day with juicing for a few weeks now and I have lost a few pounds (even despite my indulging in many holiday goodies). Google "Fat, sick and nearly dead" to read about one particular story that will want to make you buy a juicer immediately! Even if you aren't a veggie eater, you will love drinking veggies. I promise! I even (secretly) have my veggie-hating boys drinking KALE, along with a little orange and/or apple juice. Good luck! Let me know if you decide to buy a juicer!

12.16.2012 | Registered CommenterMegan Porta

I just started juicing and have enjoyed it so much. I tried Fruits and Vegetable Only diet but was pretty challenging. this recipe looks so good, esp with parsley- something I have been meaning to add to my juices :) nice to meet with you

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