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Raspberry honey yogurt

Once two of my four months of bedrest came and went last winter, I decided to start adding things to my diet that were not Ben & Jerry's ice cream. My obsessive love afair with Ben & Jerry, combined with not getting off the couch for most of my days was causing my scale to scream every time I stepped on it. So I started adding foods with nutritional value to my diet. While pregnant! Crazy, I know!

One of my staples during that time was this super easy, tasty yogurt concoction. I ate it every day for lunch, along with a chicken strawberry salad. Both still make my mouth water.

Throw into a small bowl:

A few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt (I use the honey flavor, but I'm sure any flavor would be great). I love the silky smoothness of this type of yogurt.

A sprinkling of wheat germ (a great source of Iron and Fiber).

A few zig-zags of honey.

A handful of raspberries. I also ocassionally use blueberries, or both.

Stir everything together, making sure to mash up the raspberries in the process.

The end result is a creamy yet chunky, fruity, tasty snack with a bit of a crunch that will leave Ben & Jerry in the dust. Ok, that's not entirely true, but it's close.

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