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Spicy grilled cheese sandwich

This week's grilled cheese sandwich was born out of my desire for spice. I am always looking for ways to turn up the heat in recipes. This was a very fun sandwich to create, and it was even more fun to eat! If you like spice, you must try this one!

Butter one side of a piece of wheat or white bread. Place it butter-side down on a skillet over medium-low heat.

Layer with:

Cheddar, cojack or pepperjack cheese (I used pepperjack, but next time I'll make a different choice; I loved the extra spice from the pepperjack, but it is not a cheese that melts well)

Salsa (Adding the salsa right away made my sandwich just a teeny bit soggy; I didn't mind it, but if you want to avoid this, I would suggest adding the salsa immediately before serving or perhaps dipping the entire sandwich into a bowl of salsa before each bite)

Sliced turkey

Banana peppers (I used jarred peppers; be sure to dab peppers with a paper towel first to avoid extra moisture and sogginess)

Jalapeno pepper slices (Again, I used peppers from a jar, and be sure to dab with a paper towel)

Ground black pepper

Top with:

Cheddar, cojack or pepperjack cheese

A piece of wheat or white bread, butter-side up

When the cheese closest to the pan melts, carefully flip the sandwich over. When the other cheese slice melts, remove from heat. Cut sandwich in half and enjoy!

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