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Crockpot Pork Loin with Apples

If I could eat this weather with a giant spoon, I would. It makes me happy. It's been saving me, through a really tiring and busy time. I keep saying to Dan, "Please tell me we're going to survive this stretch!" Thankfully he parrots me with a genuine tone.

We made this pork loin a few weeks ago and the two of us literally ate almost the entire batch in one sitting. The meat was tender and infused with an apply-oniony flavor. We are hoping to get to an apple orchard tomorrow and if we do, this will be on the menu again very soon. 

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Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

I spent much-needed quality time with my two monkeys today. Dan was working and I was not (yay! yippee! hooray!). It felt really really good. I kissed on my sweet lil' Sammy so much that he banned me. "No more kisses today, Mommy. Ok...just ONE more today and only TWO tomorrow." I love those boys to pieces! Even when they are pouring water out of the tub and spilling entire plates of food onto the floor.

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Apple Pie Bars

The weather is crisp and delicious! I love fall when it behaves like FALL. The beautiful fall weekend that we just had is sadly nearly over. It has involved a touch of everything...time with friends, time with family, rest time, work time, home time and getting out. I also had a complete kitchen FAIL over the weekend that I'll have to improve upon and try again soon. It is so disappointing when something doesn't turn out anything like I'd imagined. 

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Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies

Literally when the calendar flips over to October every year, I begin instantly craving a couple of things: scary movies, soup, hot bubble baths, breathing in the crisp fall air and....CANDY. The other night, on October 1st to be exact, after the boys were in bed and Dan and I were in lounge mode, we both expressed intense desires for candy.

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Apple Pie Jam

My thumb is finally healing from my apple-peeling incident, but things are not the same as before on the right side of my left hand. I have a band-aid covering it at all times because looking at it reminds me of the pain I felt on that day! I would prefer never to experience anything like that again!

I promised that I would continue to post some apple recipes, so here is another delicious one. It took me THREE batches to get this jam just right. It was worth the effort (shout out to my apple peeler for making it easy!) because I learned a very important lesson: DO NOT OVERCOOK. Even if the mixture appears runny, do not cook past the 20-minute mark or you will have an apple-jam ROCK on your hands. Try cleaning that out of a pan! Like slicing a huge chunk of flesh from your thumb, it is not super fun or recommended.

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