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Snowball Cookies

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who provided input regarding my foodie calendar. With the help of your suggestions, it is now "on the shelves," as they say. I hope you will consider purchasing one for your very own kitchen or for a loved one's kitchen! As requested from quite a few people, I was able to keep the cost under $10!

Now onto the important stuff. More Christmas cookies!

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2015 Foodie Wall Calendar

Thank you so much to those of you who took the time to fill out my survey! Based on your responses, I created a calendar that I hope you will love and that will suit your kitchen needs. I was able to keep the cost under $10. You will have access to 26 recipes that you can cut out (as each month passes) to put into your very own recipe collection. Each month focuses on a holiday or theme and also notes fun foodie dates to celebrate. (Elijah was sooo excited to see that there is a Cheese Lover's Day! My little cheese lover is already planning what will be consumed on that day.) The calendars won't be ready to ship until 1/5/15 (hopefully sooner!), but don't fret! If you are giving this as a gift, print out my customizable gift certificate so you can hand-deliver something tangible to your food-loving loved one. Enjoy, friends Thank you so much for your input on this project!

 Only 9.99! 

Great gift for the food-lover on your Christmas list! Worried it won't arrive in time? Print out this gift certificate and the recipient or your mouth-watering gift will have the promise of a foodie calendar within days! 

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Thumbprint Shortbread Cookies

We spent Saturday making raviolis from scratch, which is a yearly tradition for Dan's family. They will become our Christmas Eve dinner and I can hardly wait! They are delicious! We happened to make too much dough for the pasta, so our niece Alyssa and I made a few fun creations. We made bow-ties, linguine, spaghetti, curly-Qs and other customized varieties. While we rolled and cut, we discussed Christmas cookies.

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Calendar survey!

Hello friends! I would be so grateful if you spent 30 seconds of your time to complete a survey regarding a calendar I would like to create and offer to my fellow food lovers. Those of you who complete the survey will be entered to receive a FREE P&E t-shirt in the mail (I will pick 3 random winners)! THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance! Click on the following link to complete the survey (but first, peek at the image below):

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Creamy Crockpot Corn

My husband. He's funny. There are very specific things that he becomes (for lack of a better word) obsessed about. He never lets our boys' fingernails or toenails get past 1/8 of an inch long (love this). Our spice cupboard is always perfectly arranged. The living room has to be rearranged every so often. And we always arrive at Thanksgiving dinner with multiple varieties of corn. This year "multiple" equalled four. Yes, friends, we brought FOUR types of corn to our Thanksgiving-Day feast. My mother-in-law gasped. "But we need options!" Dan exclaimed. We most certainly. Had options.

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