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Video Series for Food Bloggers - Food Photography:Artificial Lighting

Food blogging is a crazy, fun, always-changing, mostly-wonderful world. Some people don't "get" it, but I'm ok with that because I sincerely enjoy every aspect. Minus the whole content-stealing part, that is. Food bloggers wear MANY hats. We are cooks, bakers, creators, photographers, food stylists, taste testers, recipe developers, photo editors, writers, graphic designers, web developers, web designers, troubleshooters, promoters, web traffic managers and social media experts. Juggling all of these roles can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially for new food bloggers. I don't know of ANY job or hobby that encompasses such a wide array of responsibilities.

My website will turn FIVE this year, and it hasn't caught on fire. I take that back. There are plenty of fiery words hidden in the comments of my Mac and Cheese post. Does that count? Those were my credentials, by the way. My new signature line: Megan Porta, My website will turn FIVE this year, and it hasn't caught on fire! Impressive, right? After five years of doing all of the above duties, week in and week out (some weeks more than others), I feel like maaaaybe, just maybe, I have acquired some information that someone out there might find valuable. I hope you find some value in these videos! More coming soon! Keep a close eye on my videos tab.



Best EVER Chicken Enchiladas

It's another beautiful Minnesota day! The weather has been just delicious. This is why we endure huge fluffy mittens, 3-inch thick snow boots, frozen nostrils, scraping ice from windshields, extra pounds on the thighs and winter depression.

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Buster Bar Frozen Dessert

I brought this dessert to Easter dinner and we couldn't collectively decide if it tasted more like the buster bar or the peanut buster parfait. Since gooey, un-frozen fudge is not involved, I decided that "buster bar" best suited its yumminess.

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Sauteed Cabbage

Every spring I picture the state of Minnesota as moody ogre. I enjoy being in his presence on those sunny 60- and 70-degree days, but I enjoy them with trepidation. Because I know it could very well be snowing, sleeting or even blizzarding within hours.

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Rainbow Quinoa Salad

My little boys and I are wrapping up Spring Break week. While it has been wonderful on so many fronts, I am currently on overload and am secretly praying for a few moments of alone-time peace. Or for a cold margarita to fall from the sky.

A couple good things..

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