About Me

Welcome to my (mostly) food (with a splash of travel) blog! My name is Megan Porta and I started this website in September of 2010 with a good friend, nicknaming ourselves Pip and Ebby. Over time this blog became a priority for me, while she moved onto other things. I took over the blog, but kept the name ('cause it's awesome). And ps. We're still best friends.

I have recently been able to declare FOOD BLOGGER as my official profession. It has required tons of patience, bleeding (literally), sweating, laughing (at myself, mostly), crying, cooking, baking, recipe-writing, photographing and eating to get to this point. I consider myself beyond blessed to have the job of my dreams. It has been the catapult for other amazing opportunities, such as writing my first cookbook (info on this to come SOON...estimated publication is January 2018!), being featured in a handful of amazing print magazines, traveling with my family and having extra time for my boys.


I blog because I love it, of course. It fulfills my deepest creative desires, it allows me to eat a variety of delicious food and it keeps me on my toes. But why I really truly do it is this: I want to make your life easier. Creating recipes that make things easier, yummier, healthier or more colorful or inspiring for you is what keeps me moving.

I have been in work situations in the past that have left me exhausted, creatively unfulfilled and simply put...a total anxious and depressed mess. I'm here to tell you that it is possible for every one of you to have a joyful life with NO work-dread and no sense of being trapped. Blogging is a real job that (with patience and effort) pays the bills. I am by no means the most experienced blogger on the planet, but I've been doing this long enough to know some tricks and to have a small amount of insight. Check out my FOOD BLOGGING RESOURCES tab or take a peek at my video series (this is a work in progress...more videos to come!). Please please please feel comfortable reaching out to me if you are interested in pursuing blogging and need a boost of encouragement or have a question about anything at all. (pipandebby AT gmail DOT com)

While I post a lot of content on this website, much more of my day-to-day life goes directly onto Instagram, so please follow me there for bits of encouragement, travel photos and recipe ideas that you won't be able to find here.

Thank you SO MUCH for being here! I sincerely appreciate every single eyeball that gazes at even a morsel of my content. I hope you will find something valuable within these beloved blog walls of mine!