About Me

Welcome to my food blog! My name is Megan Porta and I started this website in September of 2010 with a good friend, nicknaming ourselves Pip and Ebby. Over time this blog became a huge priority for me, while her life became busy with other things. You know how life can get! I took over the blog, but I didn't want to lose the name that I worked so hard to establish so I kept both names in the title. My main food love has always been sweets, but I have a savory side, as well. Pip is my persona when I am in sweets mode, and Ebby when I'm feeling savory. Alternate blog subtitle: Multiple Personality Food Blog.

I am..

..married to the man of my dreams.

Dan came along at a time in my life when I needed him the most. We planned a wedding in three months and found out I was pregnant six weeks into our new marriage. Now, eleven years later, we have faced unique and heart-wrenching challenges, and I am proud to say that we are stronger because of them. We have learned to lean on GOD and we are so grateful for His love and faithfulness!


My husband is: a lover of Jesus, a teacher, a skydiving instructor, a hands-on and incredible father, a great dancer, an even-keeled and laid back human being and an amazing athlete. He is funnier than anyone I know, he is a hard worker, he takes amazing care of his family, he has the world's best lips and he loves to travel (super thankful for all of the above). 

Dan and I met skydiving. We bumped into each other in the sky! Well, sort of. We were both "fun jumpers" when we met at our cozy dropzone in Wisconsin and the rest is history. The above photo is us, just before we jumped out of a hot air balloon in 2005, one of our favorite jumps/memories of all time.

Below are photos of us jumping out of a perfectly good airplane together and kissing in freefall a few years ago. This was one of our favorite things to do back in pre-kid days. 


..a mama to two beautiful boys.

Elijah Daniel is a ten-year-old, strong-willed, spunky, sweet, friendly, super-smart, crazy-haired little boy who has helped to put great faith and meaning in our lives. He has spent more than his share of time in the hospital. His strong will has gotten him through three open heart surgeries, eight heart catheterizations and a handful of other surgeries/hospitalizations. Despite the challenges he has faced, he is a friendly and happy little person. He is in fifth grade and he loves Pokemon, anything dairy, talking and reading. Talking is his favorite. Talking, talking, talking and just a little more talking. And maybe a small chat afterward.

Samson David (Sammy) is our funny, independent, snuggly seven-year-old. He adores his family, Pokemon, his soft green blankie, berries of any kind and dancing. He is such a perfect addition to our family and we are crazy about him!


In January of 2012, I lost my full-time job as a graphic designer, which caused our family to shift priorities and duties around. Since then I have had more time for my boys, blogging, photography, editing photos, cooking and baking. I currently blog full time while being a mama and doing portrait photography on the side. Life is full, but SO GOOD! 

..so happy to have started this blog.

This blog is so important to me! I love cooking and baking and sharing delicious recipes with my readers. I cannot imagine my life without this blog, and I have no idea what I did with my "spare" time before I started it. I hope you will find entertainment or helpful information somewhere within my little blog walls. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. Please always feel comfortable reaching out to me. I love hearing from readers and will personally respond to each and every email I receive (er, unless it's rude).